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Ball Mallet


Heega ball mallet is composed of high solid wood with a specially designed cricket bat knocking leather ball directly attached to a wooden handle, and it’s convenient for preparing the face of new bats. Knocking-in is the activity of compressing the wood of a new cricket bat so that it may be used. In real-life match events, most brand-new cricket bats will break or dent badly without knocking in. To manufacture these mallets, you’ll need specific leather balls. It does the duty of repeatedly hitting the bat’s face over a long period of time. Testing the willow is also a beneficial. Press a fingernail into the bat’s front face during the knocking-in procedure to see if any marks form on the bat.


  • For bat preparation, this is the ultimate solid ball mallet.
  • The mallet is held in an easy-grip for smooth wrist movement.
  • The structure is fantastic for making bat knocking easier.
  • A real cricket leather ball is used in the Mallet to prepare the face and edges of a fresh cricket bat for knocking.
  • Reinforce the bat so that it can withstand the stress of high-speed ball collisions.


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