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Heega Catch Practice Bat


Heega light weight Kashmir willow cricket catch practice bat with HD foam laminated on the face perfect for training and enhancing your catching skills (FIELD/SLIP) practice. A special foam technology has been used to make this bat. It Weight around 950grams with 2-3 inches thick foam pad on top of bat provides extra bounce to the ball and makes it really easy to hit the balls really high. Heega designed this catch bat for catching and fielding practice as it delivers minimum 25% more power than a wooden bat. This catch bat permits you to hit the cricket ball additional high, testing your cricket fielders with match-like catches in training session.


  • Helps in developing fielding standards at all levels of cricket.
  • Enhances catching and fielding skills
  • Kashmir willow catch bat Constructed with HD foam laminated on the face.
  • Ideal for catch practice.
  • High density foam pasted on willow base
  • Light weight design.


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