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Heega Cricket Thigh Guards


Heega cricket thigh guards are essential equipment that cricketers wear to defend them from being struck by the ball. Although the protective equipment is lightweight, it provides the best protection for the thigh, especially when facing quick bowlers. The guard is held in place by two straps, one around the waist and the other around the inner thigh. Cricketers also wear another body armour on their rear leg’s inner thigh to guard the leg area just above knees while playing, just to be safe. With its remarkable level of thigh support, the high-quality thigh pad design is a masterstroke of innovation that will easily stand up to the demands of the player. To reduce the risk of injury when playing a strenuous game of cricket, keep yourself padded and guarded with thigh pads.


  • Wide, elasticized comfort-fit straps offer a safe fit to the player’s body.
  • Thigh Pads that withstand a lot of shock and are composed of superior quality insanely high foam.
  • Fabricated back that is soft and absorbent.
  • Towel hook and loop straps of superior quality.
  • For further comfort and security, 2 straps, 1 round waist around the inner thigh.


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