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Heega Gladiator Kashmir Willow Bat


Heega Gladiator bat is made from Grade 1 Kashmir willow, hand made to reap the correct stability and weight distribution in the course of the bat’s face, supplying you with whole control over the shot-making process. It has edges around 36 to 40 mm (depending on size) with clear visible grains. Our bat is for players aged 11 years and up to be played with leather-based and tennis ball. Knock Machine has knocked Gladiator out 10,000 times, so it is prepared to use. The bat’s curved face designed to assist batsmen to strike the ball farther with much less effort. The bat consists of a semi-oval toe, with a purpose to help keep away from being damaged. Available in size (5, 6, Harrow, SH, LH) with their length as follows (31.25, 32.75 , 33, 33.5, 34.25) inches respectively and it comes with a bat cover to protect it from dust and water splashes.
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  • knocked out : 10000 times with Machine.
  • Designed to be played for leather & tennis ball.
  • Durable & long lasting to give better execution.
  • Singaporean cane handle with quality grade wood
  • With a bat cover to keep it safe.
  • The width of size Harrow, SH, LH is 4.25 inches.
  • Width of the bat for size (5 and 6) is 4 inches and 4.15 inches respectively.
  • Bat toe of semi oval shape gives you suitable position.
  • In sizes : 5 / 6 / SH / Harrow / LH.

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5 | Bat Length 31.25", 6 | Bat Length 32.75″, Harrow | Bat Length 33", LH | Bat Length 34.25", SH | Bat Length 33.5"


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