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Heega Mongoose V Shape Cricket Bat


Heega Mongoose v shape cricket bat is a Grade 3 Kashmir Willow cricket bat allows you producing more power than a normal cricket bat, more strength for hitting the ball. This bat is designed with the help of our innovative technology that incorporates a shorter blade and longer Singapore cane handle with Grip to hold the bat firmly, without slipping while playing massive shots. This bats short blade and long handle creates a deadly combination of power and speed. This bat is suitable for academy and tournaments. Pre knocked 7000 times and ready to use for leather ball, has thick edges around 40mm and a curved bow that will help you hitting long cricketing shots. Heega designed the curved face of bat in order to make it easier for batsmen to hit the ball farther with less effort. Heega has designed this V shape bat with semi oval toe for better stance and hence will help prevent damage of the bat toe if you have a habit of tapping the bat constantly.


  • Good quality grade 3 Kashmir willow and weight around 1100-1170 gm.
  • Pre knocked out 7000 times with Machine willow with 4 to 5 Grains seen on blade that gives you the idea of durability of bat.
  • Singapore 3-piece cane handle of 17.5inches with non toxic reverse wave grip for shock absorption and flexibility.
  • Length of bat is 33.5 inches, width 4.25 inches, thick edges of 40mm with a curved bow of 16 inches.
  • Full length bat cover to protect your bat when not in use.
  • Customization option available: Get your Name/Logo/ Signature engraved on the bat(Charges Extra)


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