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Heega Platinum Edition Cricket Bat

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Heega Platinum Edition bat is a Grade 1  light weight Kashmir willow cricket bat and is perfect for Club and Academy players. Heega Platinum Edition is well pressed knocked out 10000 times, has edges depending on the size of the bat. Heega designed the curved face of Platinum Edition bat in order to make it easier for batsmen to hit the ball farther with minimum power. Heega Platinum Edition   bat has semi oval toe for better stance and hence will help prevent the bat from any damage. Heega has worked a lot on the sweet spot of this bat where you can strike the ball and send it out of the boundary. This bat comes in different sizes: 5, 6, Harrow, SH, LH with their length as follows (31.25, 32.75 , 33, 33.5, 34.25) inches respectively.

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  • It has a nice design and a durable build, well pressed.
  • It has a good grip which gives more confidence while playing.
  • Designed to be played with leather and tennis ball.
  • Grains on this bat can be seen easily
  • Singaporean cane handle with quality grade wood for better balancing of bat.
  • Bat toe of semi oval shape prevent damage of the bat toe.
  • Bat comes with a bat cover to keep it safe from dust and water splash.
  • The width of size Harrow, SH, LH is 4.25 inches.
  • Width of the bat for size (5 and 6) is 4 inches and 4.15 inches respectively.

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5 | Bat Length 31.25", 6 | Bat Length 32.75″, Harrow | Bat Length 33", LH | Bat Length 34.25", SH | Bat Length 33.5"

1 review for Heega Platinum Edition Cricket Bat

  1. Amaresh Gaonkar

    Great bat with nice punch & balance.
    Very impressive Customer service

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