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Heega Screw Balls Cricket Bat

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Heega Screw Balls bat is a Grade 3 light weight English willow cricket bat and is perfect for tournaments and clubs Screw Balls has 4 to 5 visible grains on the surface that pledge the wood quality used in this bat far from the ordinary.  Suitable for leather ball. Heega Screw Balls is knocked 10000 times, has thick edges depending on the size of the bat. Heega designed the curved face of Screw Balls bat in order to make it easier for batsmen to hit the ball farther with minimum power. Heega has designed the Screw Balls with semi oval toe for better stance and hence will help prevent damage of the bat toe if you have a habit of tapping the bat constantly. This bat comes in different sizes : 5, 6, Harrow, SH, LH with their length as follows (31.25, 32.75 , 33, 33.5, 34.25) inches respectively.  Heega has worked a lot on the sweet spot of this bat where you can strike the ball and send it out of the boundary for big hits.

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  • Massive Sweet spot from to low that maximizes the potential power of a shot when the bat hits the leather ball.
  • Made from imported finest quality Grade 3 English willow with 4 to 5 Grains seen on blade that gives you the idea of durability of bat.
  • Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of rubber in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.
  • Sturdy and well-built bat, weight around 1170 to 1200 gm made of supreme quality.
  • Bat toe of semi oval shape Protects Bat’s Toe from Ball’s Impact & its sudden shock
  • The width of size Harrow, SH, LH is 4.25 inches.
  • Width of the bat for size(5 and 6) is 4 inches and 4.15 inches respectively.
  • Bat Comes with a sleek, full length bat cover to protect your bat when not in use.

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5 | Bat Length 31.25", 6 | Bat Length 32.75″, Harrow | Bat Length 33", LH | Bat Length 34.25", SH | Bat Length 33.5"

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  1. Aniket Verma

    Great place to buy all the sporting equipment you need. They have the finest and premium quality of cricket bats, which I love the most.

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