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Heega Small Light weight Cricket Net


Heega small cricket practice and training net made with high quality nylon stuff is very ideal for practicing and training purpose to improve your bating and bowling skills is very easy to install. It saves practice time and eliminate the need for fielders or a wicket-keeper even protect others present in the ground from being hit by the ball. This net is made of strong nylon threads with good knot stability. Ultra-violet stabilized, weather-proof and does not rot that makes it stable for longer period of time. Two color Blue and Green with thickness of .8mm and 1mm. We have wide series of these nets which are available in different sizes like (10X10, 20X10, 30X10, 40X10 Sq. feet) in light weight vary from 280 gm to 1600 gram depending on the size and thickness of the net.

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  • High quality Nylon material used.
  • Ultra-violet stabilized, water-proof and rot-proof.
  • In two color Blue and Green with thickness of 0.8mm and 1mm.
  • Good knot stability – Less Mesh Distortion on impact.
  • Light in weight and easy to install.
  • Available in different sizes like 10×10(Sq. Ft), 20×10(Sq. Ft), 30×10(Sq. Ft), 40×10(Sq. Ft)

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10×10 | Thick 0.8mm, 10×10 | Thick 1mm, 20×10 | Thick 0.8mm, 20×10 | Thick 1mm, 30×10 | Thick 0.8mm, 30×10 | Thick 1mm, 40×10 | Thick 0.8mm, 40×10 | Thick 1mm


Blue, Green


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