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Heega Swimming Goggles


Heega swimming Goggles specs measure an excellent companion within the water for fun, cushiony silicone eye seals offer comfort so you’ll be able to specialize in swimming or touching the destination line. Heega swimming goggles are light in weight, essential for seeing underwater and protecting your eyes from irritants like chlorine, sun and saltwater. Heega swim specs feature anti-fog, shatter resistant lenses, latex free Adjustable top quality rubber strap and ultraviolet Protected swim specs. Our specs offers the widest bird’s eye view thus will see clearly and safely keep centered in water. Our googgle designed to help your eyes within water, regardless of what activity you’re doing appropriate for men’s, women’s and youngsters.


  • Suitable for men’s, women’s and youngsters.
  • UV Protected goggles.
  • Offer widest eye view for higher clarity.
  • Soft cushiony silicone polymer eye for higher comfort.
  • Anti-fog, poly-carbonate and shatter-resistant lenses.
  • Adjustable top quality rubber strap.
  • Take them all over you get in their convenient carrying case.


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