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Pushes Up Handles For Floor


Heega Push-up Bars, which come in orange and black, are a wonderful way to strengthen your upper body and core. The tool enables you to workout pain-free and allows you to lower yourself close to the floor, increasing the amount of muscular work necessary. The wrists and forearms are less stressed with a firm grasp. Polypropylene stuff bar with high standard slip resistant foam grip made with quality assured material and modern processes, making them up to the standard in this very demanding area. Our push-up bar stand evenly distributes weight between the arms, giving you more confidence.


  • Very Sturdy, durable, handy and portable pushup bars.
  • Premium quality polypropylene, hard enough to support variety of weights.
  • Slip resistant rubber used for better grip.
  • Distributes weight evenly between the arms.
  • Orange and black color soft foam covered handles for comfort.
  • Designed to help you improve your push-up positioning.
  • The wrists and forearms are less stressed with a secure grasp.


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