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Tennis Cricket Red 12 Ball


Tennis cricket Red ball is made from a durable rubber material on the inside that offers toughness to the ball. The ball is covered by soft woolen material which offers it a nice look and has a good bounce ideal for big hit. Enjoy the amount of bounce and flight speed of this tennis ball that can also be used for your cricket and tennis training sessions. Made of high quality rubber material. Ball weight is 120 gm and size around 66mm. 12 balls available in red color, will not lose shape. These balls are designed to help develop the skills of young and upcoming players.


  • Thickened tennis liner for better sealing and long-lasting air tightness.
  • Tennis balls are designed especially for players to enhance their cricket and tennis skills.
  • High visibility due to its red color, available in pack of 12.
  • Weight of the ball is 120 gm and size around 66mm.


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