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Test Match Special Edition White Leather 4 piece Ball


Heega’s test match series special edition ball is designed for maximum overplay. To assure the toughness to stands till most overs we have designed it from real leather. Heega test cricket leather ball is white in color, waterproof  appropriate for all surfaces and weighs around 156 gm. available in packs of 1, 2, 4, and 6. It has a genuinely good core construction that is encased in layers of quality. This leather ball is precisely hand-stitched with 5 ply thread and diameter of 7.06cm, which eliminates any stitching errors and provides a comfortable grip. The leather used in the construction of this ball is extremely robust and can easily withstand 30+ overs. Exquisite ball with a four-piece design and granulated cork and rubber core that keeps the ball in its original shape even after repeated bowling. The ball’s green seam is constructed of high-quality alum-tanned leather which helps the bowler to swing the ball.
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  • Made with genuine quality leather – Grade A.
  • Hand stitched ball with better precision.
  • Green seam of ball made from alum tanned leather makes the ball swing.
  • 4 piece leather construction with granulated cork.
  • Durable for 30 + overs.
  • Ball is water proof.
  • Diameter of ball is 7.06 cm.
  • Weight is (156 gm / 5.5OZ) per ball.
  • Color : Whit

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Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 6


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